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Gemalto (3M) CR100 / CR100M MRZ Passport Scanner

Part Number GE-CR
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Gemalto (3M) CR100 / CR100M MRZ Passport Scanner
CR100 M
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A compact card reader, the Gemalto MRZ Swipe Reader CR100​ offers the ability to read codeline data from passports, IDs and other Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) with simple hand-swipe operation and requiring minimal training. 

With its small footprint, it can be attached to a cash register, display, it can be integrated into small bank counter or cash desk environments, making it ideal for banking, car rental agencies, hotels, and retail as well as Border Management, Law Enforcement, and Transportation.​

When used with our WizzForms software, the 3M CR100 passport scanner offers the following benefits: 

  • Reads ALL passports in the world issued after 2005, as well as US Green Cards, visas, etc and European National ID cards
  • Quickly auto-populates passport information into any form.  Increases efficiency and reduces customer wait times by collecting name, nationality, birth date, etc. in under 1 second.
  • Sturdy and reliable design.  Easily attach the 3M CR100 Reader to any kiosk, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Verify passports for the banking, border control, law enforcement, transportation, hotel, car rental, and retail industries.
  • No external power supply - connects directly via USB
**The CR100M also comes with a 3-track magnetic stripe reader for credit cards, loyalty cards, gym memberships, and any other magnetic stripe card.

For information on reading other document types (e.g. bankers cheques) contact us directly.

Technical Specifications:
  • USB 2.0 output  
  • USB powered (no power supply), single interface cable (2m or 15cm options at time of purchase) 
  • B900 infrared illumination 
  • Bi-directional swiping 
  • Desktop mount for stable, non-slip swiping (optional, user installable) 
  • Can be attached to an LCD or other device/mounting using 3M Dual Lock fasteners 
  • VCOMM interface for 3M RTE6701 compatibility (other interfaces available, contact 
  • Windows® XP SP3 and Windows Vista® compatible, Windows® 7, 8, 10 
  • Cable exit points are user-changeable 
  • Customer can design bespoke brackets, using dual screw fixing
  • CDW Part: 2936555. Mfg. Part: XS003890596

Reading Capability:
  • ICAO compliant documents in near infrared (IR) 875nm per ICAO 9303 specification Parts 1-4  
  • Near ICAO compliant travel documents such as French ID cards

The CR100/CR100M scans machine-readable passports (MRP), visas (MRV), US and international resident permits, as well as European and other national ID cards conforming to ICAO 9303 and ISO/IEC 7501-1 (2- and 3-line MRZ). It will also read the new ISO/IEC 18013-1 driving licenses (1-line MRZ), so it is future-proofed.

USA and Canada specific markets: CR100/CR100M also reads US passport cards, border crossing cards, and Nexus, Sentri, and the latest Global Entry cards. SITA configuration is available upon request. 

For non-ICAO complaint documents, the device reads standard OCR-B fonts.


3M CR100M OCR/MSR Document Reader

3M CR100 with WizzForms Software

Customer Reviews
Rating Mr.
  Reviewed by:   from Tallinn. on 1/20/2018
Rating sahaba
works great
  Reviewed by:   from manama bahrain. on 12/6/2016
Rating DocumentReader
  Reviewed by:   from Azerbaijan. on 8/30/2016
Rating Mallam
  Reviewed by:   from Taraba Nigeria. on 7/8/2016
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