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Honeywell SL 22

Part Number IDS_HW_SL22
Honeywell SL 22
SL22 with iPod (not included)
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Quantity's SL22 and iPod touch 6 solution will read any type of 1D or 2D barcode, and magstripe cards including IDs, credit or debit, or loyalty, plus verify age, collect information, and generate reports. This is the ideal solution for identifying fake IDs, verifying age, managing customer relationships (CRM), capturing data, organizing visitors, increasing security, etc.

VeriScan Online cloud based storage system is a revolutionary product that takes ID scanning to the next level. Cloud computing enables users to scan any type of driver’s license, military ID, Common Access Card, gun/fishing permit, or Canadian Health card, and store the information remotely.  With cloud-computing power, you can scan IDs from multiple locations and aggregate the data into one place.

Upgrade to VeriScan Online, which provides the ability to share banned lists, alert lists, and generate sophisticated reports across all your devices and locations.  Our software comes equipped with a sophisticated online dashboard that provides statistics including the number of new vs. returning visitors you have, the number of times they have visited your establishment, the geographical areas where your customers are coming from, and more.This mobile ID reader will scan any 1D or 2D barcodes including driver's licenses, military IDs, student IDs, credit cards, medical cards, and more.  

When combined with our VeriScan Online or VeriScan app, The Honeywell Captuvo will read IDs from all 50 states (including military IDs) and all Canadian provinces, verify age, collect customer information such as name, gender, and mailing address, create and manage groups (VIP, Banned), and create reports to help you streamline your business operations.


Honeywell Captuvo for Apple iPod Touch & VeriScan Online


  • Age verification
  • Ability to take a picture
  • Groups (VIP, Banned, etc.)
  • Camera scan (Scan IDs with the camera of your device)
  • Shared Lists (Share VIP and Banned lists with other establishments)
  • Customer and Operational Reports
  • Online Dashboard with all scanned ID information saved
  • CRM - Name, address, email, phone number, comments
  • Tags
  • Email/SMS notifications

***A 30 day free trial of our VeriScan Online app is included.  For a full-list of feature, please click the VeriScan Online information page.***

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Reads standard 1D, 2D, PDF-417, Postal and OCR encryptions
  • Integrated 3-track bidirectional magnetic stripe reader
  • Designed to withstand 1.2 m (4ft) drops to concrete
  • Front and back cameras
  • Expected Battery Life: 8 hours
  • Expected Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 year factory warranty
  • Full Technical Specs (Adobe PDF)

  • New or Refurbished SL 22 Captuvo
  • Charging cable, Battery pack
  • IPod NOT included
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