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ID Card Reader 72X3

Part Number IDS_7203.110
ID Card Reader 72X3
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The 72X3 ID card reader is a document reader that enables duplex scanning of ID-1 documents, e.g. ID cards, driver's licenses, bank cards, social security cards and other documents. This reader is intended for automatic reading and authenticity verification of questioned documents. The document reader provides the capability of text data recognition and reading barcodes.

The document reader allows single pass duplex scanning and capturing images of documents in white, infrared, ultraviolet, transmitted white and transmitted infrared lights. 

  • Capturing and processing images
    • Supported document formats: ID-1 and other documents with maximum size 87x56 mm
    • Automatic detection of a document in a scanning zone
    • Automatic scanning after document detection
    • Elimination of glare from laminate and holograms in white and IR light
    • Automatic selection of UV illumination intensity according to the document type
    • Search and cropping of a document image from a general image
  • The MRZ detection and recognition
  • Recognition and reading of 1D/2D barcodes
  • Automatic recognition of a document ype
  • Processing graphic fields
  • OCR of the visual zone
  • Analyzing and comparing text data
  • Automatic authenticity verification of a document
  • An ID card drops inside the reader
  • Document images are captured in different illumination modes. At the same time, data is read from RFID tags
  • Software processes the data
  • Results of the verification are ready for further use
  • When the reading process is finished, the card automatically comes out of the reader so that it can be removed from the device
Additional Functions
  • USB 2.0 port available for connecting other devices
  • Programmable multicolor status LED indicator
  • Buzzer

Optical Document Reader:
  • Light sources:
    • Scanning zone, mm: 87x57±1
    • Sensors:
      • Type: CMOS, 5MP
      • Color model: RGB
      • Color depth, bit: 24
      • Resolution, ppi: 700 ± 10

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions, mm: 166 x 123 x 125
  • Weight, kg: 0.8
  • Power supply from AC adapter (AC 100-240 V / DC 5 V):
    • Supply voltage, V: 5
    • Norminal current, A, min: 1, 2
  • Connection interface: USB 3.0

  • Optical reader light sources:
    • Visible (white)
    • Infrared 870 nm ± 15
  • Ultraviolet 365 nm
*To add MSR to this solution, we suggest purchasing an IDTech product, as this hardware is compatible. Please call 888-430-8936 for more details.
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