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Ultimate Desktop Solution CR5400 UV 2D MSR RFID Duplex ID Scanner

Part Number IDS_CR5400
Ultimate Desktop Solution CR5400 UV 2D MSR RFID Duplex ID Scanner
CR5400 with cradle: Reads magnetic stripes & 2D barcodes (pdf417)
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Quantity's total solution with the CR5400 allows you to scan a visitor's ID, verify his or her age and identity, collect demographics data such as address, gender, and date of birth, and generate logs and reports to better utilize the collected data. It can scan all U.S. government issued ID's and European National ID cards. It is capable of reading MRZ, magnetic stripe and 2D barcodes (pdf417).
The stakes are high. To comply with laws and protect your business from fraud, you need to quickly and accurately collect information and determine whether an ID is genuine or not.

Introducing the 3M CR5400 Double-Sided ID1 reader. It’s fast, accurate and easy-to-use – with little or no training required. Check IDs in double-time, reading the front and back simultaneously.

There is no wrong way to insert the card into the reader – so, all you have to do is drop it in. The color-coded LED lights give you a real-time status response, and it automatically ejects the card once it has been read. Reads both sides of the ID card and collects information from the printed region, barcodes and magnetic stripe data on the card.

Applications include:
  • Convenience store – verifying age for alcohol/tobacco purchases
  • Retail and service industry – screening for counterfeit IDs
  • Financial institution – collecting information as required by law
  • Employment agency – validating applicant’s identity and right to work (via 3rd party databases)

  • Easy to use
    • Multicolored status illumination around the card slot for simple user feedback
    • Automatic card ejection
  • Fast
    • Quickly and simultaneously images both sides
    • Processes in less than four seconds
  • Accurate
    • Included software reads any AAMVA standard ID card.
  • Optional cradle for RFID and magnetic stripe data reading


Versions of CR5400:

  • Double sided ID1 Reader - Part #: XS003880134
  • Double sided ID1 Reader with MSR Cradle - Part #: XS003880126
  • Double sided ID1 Reader with MSR & RFID Cradle - Part #: XS003880118
Imager Only:
  • 15.5 cm x 10.8 cm x 10.2 cm (L x W x H)
  • 2.2 lbs
  • USB powered
Imager & Cradle:
  • 17.7 cm x 10.8 cm x 11.5 cm (L x W x H)
  • 2.4 lbs
  • 1.2A, 5V, Universal input wall-mount external power supply


Auto-Populate ID information into ANY digital form using an ID card reader
(Desktop/POS register/Laptop/Netbook required)

WizzForms is highly customizable data capture software. WizzForms will scan driver's license and state ID information directly to ANY field entry program, including MS Excel, Access, Outlook, QuickBooks, ERP software, CRM software, visitor management systems (Yardi) or web forms. WizzForms is programmable to work with multiple forms and takes less that 5 minutes to set up. No computer programming experience is required.


Scan, collect, verify, and maintain visitor records with
our VeriScan Software
(Desktop/POS register/Laptop/Netbook and ID Scanner required)

VeriScan is an access control, age verification, visitor management, and data capture software built for computers running Windows. It is an effective and easy to operate ID scanning system with the ability to capture photo image via a connected camera. Collect, update and maintain your visitors' records with an easy-to-use interface. Export data in multiple formats, print badges, save log entries, set up custom alerts, and more.


Feature: 3M Stock Numbers: XS003880134, XS003880126
Feature: 3M Model #CR54-04-00-00-00, CR54-00-00-00-00
WizzForms Complete Desktop Solution - Custom Autofill Software for POS & CRM
WizzForms Complete Desktop Solution - Custom Autofill Software for POS & CRM
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