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Dispensary Bundle

Part Number IDS-DB
Dispensary Bundle
Dispensary Bundle approved by the State of Nevada Department of Taxation
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Select Scanner
AT9000- Non RFID (+$396)
AT9000- RFID (+$696)
Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
IDTech MiniMag II ($75.95)
Compliance Software for Windows OS
VeriScan Global- ($ 795.00)
Subscription Service
VeriScan Online Basic ($300)
VeriScan Online Premium ($500)
VeriScan Online Enterprise ($1,000 Annually)
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The Dispensary Bundle is specially designed for the marijuana dispensary business and is approved by the State of Nevada Department of Taxation.

The Dispensary Bundle includes the hardware and software needed to stay compliant. Including the following:

  • Age Verification
  • Ability to verify and authenticate the identification cards of Foreign Nationals
  • Capable of reading state-issued identifications
  • 400 DPI high resolution imaging
  • Scanning window large enough for passports
  • Multiple wavelength illumination- visible and IR
  • Data and image capture
  • Offers subscription service
  • ICAO compliant documents in near infrared
  • Reads 1D/ 2D barcodes
  • Reads Magnetic Stripes
  • USB 2.0 high speed compatible

Hardware Options:
QS1000 or
AT9000- RFID or
AT9000- Non RFID 

Magnetic Stripe Reader:
IDTech MiniMag II

VeriScan Global 

*Please note, after the first year, annual maintenance must be purchased For VeriScan Global to continue receiving ID format updates.

Subscription Service (Recommended):
VeriScan Online Basic (Annual Subscription)
VeriScan Online Premium (Annual Subscription)
VeriScan Online Enterprise (Annual Subscription)

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