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VeriScan Online ID Scanning Cloud Based Software Subscription

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VeriScan Online ID Scanning Cloud Based Software Subscription
VeriScan Online
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VeriScan Online is the cloud-based version of VeriScan with many more capabilities. Scan a driver's license or passport with the camera on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android, or connect a scanner to your device to scan any government issued ID. With a MSR and 1D/2D barcode reader, you can scan any government issued ID with VeriScan Online and a desktop computer for a complete desktop solution.

Cloud computing enables users to store files and software remotely, rather than on a hard drive or portable device. Most people are already using cloud computing without realizing it, whether through work or personal use. VeriScan Online syncs your desktop, tablet and mobile apps to keep everything electronically organized.

The Main Advantages:
  • Accuracy of data - the most reliable ID parsing engine in the industry, eliminating typos and errors
  • Speed through automated data entry
  • No hardware required (use built-in camera)
  • Low up front cost, “pay as you go” pricing model without investing in any server hardware
  • Velocity check - multiple scan alert across all locations
  • Efficient group management (VIP, Black list, etc)
  • Capability to share the Black list (or any other lists/groups) across multiple clubs
  • Multi-location management and comprehensive reporting via secure online portal
  • Privacy - the option to store all data, demographic only data, or no data.
  • Security - data is stored on remote secure servers. Even if your device is lost or stolen, the data is safe and protected.
  • Free technical integration support
  • Includes access to private portal

Enterprise Features:
  • Add multiple tags/interests to each ID scan
  • Create up to 100 custom surveys (*iPad/Web portal only)
  • Enhanced visitor management system
  • Design custom badges/labels (pictures/logos)
  • Support for AirPrint and bluetooth printers
  • Display custom agreement and capture signature with capability to print the document
  • Membership (option to share Alert lists and Groups between members)
  • *Nationwide Criminal Records/Federal Criminal Records
  • *Offenders search
  • *Face matching/recognition (*VeriScan Desktop only)
  • *API for developers and enterprises
*Additional costs may apply. Visit or call 888-430-8936 for more details.

***Please note, a monthly or yearly subscription must be purchased for each device.***


  • VeriScan Online supports Windows, iOS and Android platforms.
  • All plans include the following features:
    • ID scanning capabilities
    • Age verification
    • Custom groups
    • History export
  • User must accept terms and conditions.
  • Customer Reviews
    Rating Assistant property manager
    Excellent service! Superb price for quality product.
      Reviewed by:   from Nyc . on 4/10/2018
    Rating Asst property Manager
    Wonderful App! works like a charm and can't beat the price. Works better than similar more expensive apps
      Reviewed by:   from Brooklyn. on 3/6/2018
    Rating Fedex Driver
    Really nice hard workers
      Reviewed by:   from New york. on 2/9/2018
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