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VeriScan Desktop - Age Verification & Visitor Management Software

Part Number IDS-VS
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VeriScan Desktop  - Age Verification & Visitor Management Software
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VeriScan Desktop  - Age Verification & Visitor Management Software

Scan, collect, verify, and maintain visitor records with our VeriScan Software
(Desktop/POS register/Laptop/Netbook and ID Scanner required)

VeriScan is an access control, age verification, visitor management, and data capture software built for computers running Windows. It is an effective and easy to operate ID scanning system with the ability to capture photo image via a connected camera. Collect, update and maintain your visitors' records with an easy-to-use interface. Export data in multiple formats including csv., print badges, save log entries, set up custom alerts, and more.


VeriScan Full List of Features:
  • Reads all IDs from the US and Canada including driver's licenses, military IDs, hunting and fishing licenses, and more
  • Captures a visitor's photo via a connected USB camera
  • Store and manage visitor profiles by attaching associated images and documents
  • Age verification
  • Multiple entry alert message (ID velocity check) with customizable time frame
  • Collects and maintains information such as name, mailing address, gender, age, phone number, email, and more
  • Customer groups manager (VIP, Black list, etc)
  • Membership expiration and inactivation option
  • Exports visitor log in multiple formats with exact time information
  • Add additional notes and comments for every customer visit
  • Classify patrons entry by visit type
  • Works with wide variety of devices, including 1D barcode scanners, 2D barcode scanners, RFID readers, fingerprinting devices, electronic signature pad, and more
  • Design and print (upon scan) badges, tags, applications, agreement forms, or reports
  • Supports VeriScan Online Cloud, works with VeriScan Mobile and VS Online for iPhone
  • Manual entry for damaged cards available
  • Easy to install and use

Additional Features for VeriScan Plus (+$200):
  • Includes all VeriScan features
  • Set security access levels to VeriScan by password protecting the options, settings, reports, and export features
  • Capture and attach up to 3 images to each visitor profile
  • Biometrics and fingerprint validation support
  • Electronic signature support (signature pad required, sold separately)

Additional Features for VeriScan Global (+$400):
  • Includes all VeriScan Plus features
  • Capability to read ALL international IDs with LATIN characters

*After the first year there is a $96 annual charge for software maintenance and updates; this includes any change in ID formats and any enhancements made to the software.

*VeriScan is universal for almost any industry where tracking demographics and attendance is required. Private clubs, security installation, special event organizers and others will appreciate quick setup and hassle free operation. The program works with virtually any Government issued ID cards (such as Driver License, CDL, State and Military IDs, etc) and captures basic information such as Name, ID Card number, gender, category, card expiration date, birth date, creation date and time, last access date and time, phone number, email address, comments. Capture a member’s picture via a camera and database will store it. All you need is a PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and an optional camera (webcam, USB). Database is ideal for generating mailing lists, visitor management, attendance logs, age verification and variety of other applications.



CR5400 with VeriScan

Customer Reviews
Rating Manager
great solution. we use it for all 5 night clubs
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 12/7/2015
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