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WizzForms Complete Desktop Solution - Custom Autofill Software for POS & CRM

Part Number IDS-WF-CS
WizzForms Complete Desktop Solution - Custom Autofill Software for POS & CRM
Custom build your own report, automatically prints on a default printer.
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Free Shipping's WizzForms is an ID data and image capturing application for any PC software with text input fields. This software is a powerful application used to scan drivers licenses and state ID cards directly into ANY field entry program. This includes MS Excel, Access, Outlook, QuickBooks, Enterprise Resource Planning software, Customer Relationship Software or web forms running on your computer. One application works with multiple forms. The form processing software automates data entry by scanning any US or Canadian ID, such as drivers licenses and state IDs. 

The program can auto-populate information including full name, time stamp, age, address, gender, and more. Simply scan an ID card (via USB ID scanner) and WizzForms will fill in the desired fields on your form. Configuring the program is very intuitive and only takes 3-5 minutes. Configuring requires no computer programming skills.

Benefits of using the system: 

  • Speed through automated data entry 
  • Eliminates errors and typos 
  • Save money on labor costs and time 
  • Reduce customer wait times 
  • Easy to install and use

Fast and accurate data entry/age verification solution for: 

  • PMS Systems
  • Guest and Visitor Check-in
  • Event Registration 
  • Access/Lobby control 
  • Medical Offices 
  • Casinos 
  • Hotels/Motels 
  • Age sensitive retail outlets
  • Restaurants 
  • Marketing campaigns 
  • Auto dealerships


Which Scanner Should You Choose?

MiniMag II:

The MiniMag II is a 3-track magnetic stripe scanner.This MagStripe reader delivers a wide range of functionality and value in a convenient size. The entire unit is 90mm long (about the length of a credit card) and reads up to three tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. It has a beeper and three-color LED indicator to signal a successful read.

M-260 Scanner:

The M-260 Scanner will read all types of IDs and driver's licenses from the US or Canada.  Using the M-260, you can swipe the magnetic stripe and/or scan the 2D bar code found on the back of an ID.  The M-260 is an all-in-one solution for reading all government-issued IDs. The device requires no external battery supply and connects to the host device via a standard USB interface. 

The ability to scan both magnetic stripe cards and 2D barcodes makes the M-260 scanner the ideal solution for the POS, access control, visitor management, marketing and law enforcement environment.  In addition to the standard side access USB cable interface connector, our 1D/2D barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader has incorporated a bottom mounted interface connector, making it an ideal solution for kiosk application environments as well.

The device is also capable of reading linear bar codes: Code 39, Code 128.

WizzForms with the M-260

M-280 Scanner:

The M-280 scanner with magnetic stripe reader and flatbed scanner allows you to scan any driver's license or ID and capture an image of the license (300 dpi). The M-280 can read any ID card including driver's licenses, military IDs, Common Access Cards, and other state IDs. 

The ID card or license can also be placed on top of the M-280's scratch proof scanning lens, and with the press of a button, capture a full high resolution image (JPEG or PNG) of the ID.  If you only want to capture the picture from an ID to create visitor badges or visitor profiles, the M-280 will also crop out the face and add it to any folder.  With the ability to quickly and easily save the ID information and image, the M-280 is a versatile device that is perfect for any type of ID scanning need.

WizzForms with M-280

3M AT9000:

The AT9000 scanner is a compact, full-page scanner that quickly captures the image of an ID or passport, validates international passports, and scans any other 1D or 2D barcode. It also scans European National ID Cards when paired with. The AT9000 utilizes UV imaging and LED technology to validate the IDs.

  • **All cables are included - system is tested and guaranteed to work or your money back!**
  • Desktop/POS register/Laptop/Netbook required
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